TA/GA Orientation

What is TA/GA Orientation?

TA/GA Orientation welcomes new graduate teaching assistants and graduate assistants to the TCU community of scholars. During orientation, graduate students learn about the services and resources related to their new role in the TCU teaching community. Immediately applicable advice about succeeding as a TA/GA—balancing the roles of student and educator—will be the focus of this event.

Who can attend TA/GA Orientation?

Any TCU Teaching Assistant, Graduate Assistant, and Graduate Instructor can attend the TA/GA Orientation. This is a free service the Koehler Center offers the TCU graduate student community.

How will TA/GA Orientation benefit me?

TA/GA Orientation familiarizes graduate student educators with the TCU teaching culture and their new role in the TCU teaching community, including necessary policies and procedures. Additionally, TA/GA Orientation is a time to meet other new graduate educators across campus, networking, and developing long-lasting relationships.

How do I register for TA/GA?

TA/GA Orientation occurs once a year in August. Graduate Students can register for TA/GA Orientation on ourWorkshops & Events page. You can also call the Koehler Center at 817-257-7434 or email Amanda Irvin, Senior Faculty Developer, to receive more information.

You must register for TA/GA Orientation in order to attend.

If you have any questions please contact the Graduate Studies Office