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Academic Policy changes for Spring 2020 Graduate Courses in response to COVID-19

Graduate students will be allowed to elect pass/no credit (P/NC) for up to 3 credit hours of course work during the Spring 2020 semester with the approval of their faculty/program advisor and department chairperson.  Graduate students must earn a grade of B (3.0) or higher for the course to qualify for the “P” designation. Some programs cannot elect P/NC because of accreditation standards, so this policy will not apply to all students.  Graduate students will have until April 27th to make their decision.

Graduate students might initially find it appealing to elect P/NC, but there may also be unforeseen negative implications. Consequently, graduate students should be strategic about their choices and aware of implications for catalog requirements impacting issues like graduation GPA requirements, program GPA minimums, and future career and graduate school goals.

Graduate students should reach out to their academic advisor if they have additional questions.