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Travel Grants


The Graduate Student Travel Grant Program has been established to support travel of graduate students related to research. Funds may be used by graduate students to present the results of their TCU research or to conduct research related to their field of study. Students from all academic departments are welcome and encouraged to submit grant applications. While co-funded by the Graduate Student Senate, the Office of Graduate Studies administers the graduate student travel grants.

Maximum award is $400 for domestic travel and $800 for an international destination. Limited funds are available; grant award will be determined, up to the fund limits, by the Associate Provost’s office. Priority will be given to students who have not received a previous travel award, and students may not receive more than one award during an academic year (June 1 through May 31).

Travel grants will be accepted for virtual conferences.

For more information and inquiries, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies.

Application Information

Download and complete an application form (see below). Please note that all applications must contain the endorsements of the Department Adviser/Chair and the Dean’s office. Please submit completed application forms to the Office of Graduate Studies (

Applications must be submitted 30 days prior to travel to be considered.

Download Application Form


Proof of attendance (email correspondence detailing your acceptance to a conference or coordination with contact persons regarding original research, conference program, presentation abstract, etc.) for travel grants must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies with your application. Incomplete applications will be returned to applicant for necessary revisions. Travel must be completed for funds to be disbursed. Travel that is ineligible for a graduate student travel grant includes: class trips, travel for class projects, and travel for professional development not directly related to research. Travel for oral presentations less than 15 minutes may only be partially funded.

We ask that you provide photographs of you presenting, doing research, networking, etc. while on your sponsored trip. These pictures will appear on the Graduate Studies website and social media pages. If you do not have a digital camera, one will be provided for you for a limited period of time. Email a completed photo release form and your photos at the time you submit your reimbursement form.

*****If you do choose to book an alternative housing location, as opposed to a traditional hotel, we encourage you to book using AirBnB For Work (, as these locations have met AirBnB’s standards and amenities for work travelers.

When using alternative housing, many services and amenities typically provided by a hotel (for example: smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, detailed fire escape plans, fire sprinkler systems, 24 hour employee assistance on site, etc.) may not be available, so please use sound judgment when booking, making sure you are comfortable with the neighborhood, transportation, and any other items unique to your place of stay.

With this understood, feel free to book your trip using alternative housing. If you have any questions, contact the Assistant Director of Risk Management, Drew Solomon (

Please be reminded to register your travel:

Register Travel with TCU Global


The Office of Graduate Studies will review all applications. Limited funds are available for travel, so be sure to apply as soon as you have confirmation of travel. Applicant will be notified via email. TCU graduate students are eligible for one Travel Grant per academic year (June 1-May 31).

Reimbursement + Advance

The Travel Grants are dispersed as reimbursements (i.e., awardees receive grants after they return from travel). Turn in your completed reimbursement form with original receipts and photographs to the Office of Graduate Studies within 30 days of travel. Detailed instructions will be provided in the email notification.

Graduate students who are TCU employees or hold a TCU assistantship that pays a stipend may request an advance for travel related to their TCU program of study and for which they have University funding. Requests for advances must be approved by the academic program dean or the TCU Dean of Graduate Studies. Once the travel has been completed, a request for reimbursement must be filed within 30 days of return. If the reimbursement is not filed within this period, the outstanding advance amount may be deducted from the student’s paycheck or stipend check to cover the advance. Graduate students who are not employees or assistants with a stipend are not eligible for advances. They can ask an advisor in the department of their discipline to get an advance in their name and then indicate on the reimbursement from that the funding source is to pay back the advance.

Tax Exemption

The University is exempt from Texas sales tax. Faculty and staff should review expenses as they are incurred to verify that sales tax has not been assessed. In the case of hotel taxes, the University is exempt from Texas hotel occupancy tax. The University is not exempt from the city portion of the hotel occupancy tax. Although not required to do so, some other states also may honor the University’s exemptions. Copies of the University’s Texas Sales Tax Exemption and Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption forms are available in the Financial Services Office. These forms should be submitted to the hotel at the time of registration/check-in.

In plain English: If you are travelling within the state of Texas, your hotel will add to your bill Hotel Occupancy taxes, some of which your Travel Grant may not cover. Download the tax exemption form below, give it to the hotel when your check in, and they will not charge you the taxes TCU wouldn’t be covering. Hotels in other states may or may not honor TCU’s tax exemptions but it’s worth a try to save a few bucks.


Travel Grant Application Form

Photo Release


Request for Travel Advance

Texas-State Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption