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College and School Contacts

Applicants should consult the appropriate school or college requirements for admission details.
School/CollegeContactMailing Address & TelCollege Home Page
Neeley School of BusinessMaster of Accounting
Emily Davis
Director of Masters of Accounting
194C Tandy Hall
TCU Box 298530
Tel: (817)-257-5112
MBA Programs
Peggy Conway
Director of MBA Admissions
166A Dan Rogers Hall
TCU Box 298540
Tel: (817) 257-7531
Neeley School of Business
College of CommunicationDr. Daxton Stewart
Associate Dean
207 S. Moudy Building
TCU Box 298040
Tel: (817) 257-5917
Bob Schieffer College of Communication
College of EducationDr. Jan Lacina
Associate Dean
206 Bailey Building
TCU Box 297900
Tel: (817) 257-7661
College of Education
College of Fine ArtsDr. Joseph Butler
Associate Dean
130 Ed Landreth Hall
TCU Box 297550
Tel: (817) 257-7603
College of Fine Arts
AddRan College of Liberal ArtsDr. Peter Worthing
Associate Dean
2001F Scharbauer Hall
TCU Box 297200
Tel: (817) 257-6656
AddRan College of Liberal Arts
Harris College of Nursing and Health SciencesDr. Debbie Rhea213 Bass Hall
TCU Box 298625
Tel: (817) 257-5263
Harris College
College of Science and EngineeringDr. Magnus Rittby
Associate Dean
102 Tucker Technology Cntr
TCU Box 298960
Tel: (817) 257-7734
College of Science & Engineering
University ProgramsMaster of Liberal Arts
Dr. Darren Middleton
Director of MLA Program
3101 Sadler Hall
TCU Box 297024
Tel: (817) 257-6445106
Master of Liberal Arts Program
Ranch Management Certificate
Kerry Cornelius
Ranch Mgmt. Bldg.
TCU Box 297420
Tel: (817) 257-7145
 Ranch Management
Women & Gender Studies
Dr. Theresa Gaul
Director of Women & Gender Studies
218 Rees-jones Hall

TCU Box 297270

Tel: (817) 257-6262
Certificate in Women & Gender Studies