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Graduate Student Senate (GSS)


The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is the official representative body for graduate students at Texas Christian University, providing professional and financial support as well as open forums for discussing issues, events, and other matters pertinent to graduate students. There is no membership fee. All graduate students are eligible and welcome to attend GSS events and run for GSS officer positions.

Contact GSS by emailing the executive board at or by directly emailing a board member.

Message from the President


Dear TCU Graduate Family,

I am elated to start another year as your president. Thank you for trusting me with this duty. As we embark on this journey through the academic year together, I want to remind you to be of the community. It is critical to your well-being to surround yourself with individuals that will support you. With that being said, the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is working diligently to provide engaging experiences for you and establish resources that will contribute to your overall success. As we enter our sesquicentennial year, your voice matters. Without you, TCU would not be where we are today. I encourage you to join the GSS to ensure that graduate students are well prepared to enter our respective fields. May this year bring us joy, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime.

With love,
Leslie Ekpe
President of the Graduate Student Senate (GSS)
Texas Christian University

Current Constitution: Graduate Student Senate Constitution 2021)

Platforms 2020-2021
Public Statement: BLM Statement (June 2020)

Platforms from 2019-2020
Child Care for Graduate Students: GSS Child Care Report
Survey on Graduate Needs: GSS Needs Assessment Report
Expansion of GSS with Senate Model: Senators and Officers

Platforms from 2016-2017
Rock the Vote
Spotlight on Graduate Student Experience: Graduate Student Dinner flyer
Third Annual Graduate Student Appreciation Week: GSAW Flyer

Platforms from 2015-2016
Health Insurance Proposal Committee Report: TCU Committee on Research for Graduate Student Health Insurance
Campus Carry Opinion: Graduate Student Senate Opinion
Second Annual Graduate Student Appreciation Week: GSAW Flyer

Platforms from 2014-2015
Inaugural Graduate Student Appreciation Week:GSAW Flyer

2022-2023 GSS Officers
President – Leslie Ekpe (Education)
Vice President for Logistics – Jackson Pearson (History)
Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Kelly Phommachnh (Education)
Vice President for Student Experience – Gabi Nunez (Education)
Vice President of Mental Health and Wellness – Nate Guyton (Counseling)
Vice President for Finance – Zhan Shi (Education)
Historian – Nataly Dickson (English)

2021-2022 GSS Officers
President – Leslie Ekpe (Education)
Vice President for Logistics – Jackson Pearson (History)
Vice President for Student Engagement – Molly Little (Communications)
Vice President for Finance – Musanna Galib (Business)
Historian – puck glass (Brite)

2019-2020 GSS Officers
President – Tim Ballingall (English)
Vice President for Logistics – Katie Tran (Business) & Isuru Perera (Liberal Arts)
Vice President for Student Engagement – Kelcia Righton (Women & Gender Studies)
Vice President for Finance – Amy Ray (Physics)
Historian – Courtney Kimmel (History)

2018-19 GSS Officers
President – Nathan Brasher (Business)
Vice President for Logistics – Pavle Mamul (Business)
Vice President for Student Engagement – Dana Shaaban (English)
Vice President for Finance – Alok Bhargava (Business)
Historian – Jongkeyong Kim (English)

2017-18 GSS Officers
President – Elizabeth Hood (Business)
Vice President for Logistics – Sara Kelms (English)
Vice President for Student Engagement – Whitney James (English)
Vice President for Finance – Jon Gulbransen (Business)
Historian – Annette Wren (English)

2016-17 GSS Officers
President – Dan Kamin (Business)
Vice President for Logistics – Blake Hill (History)
Vice President for Student Engagement – Ashley Hughes (English)
Vice President for Finance – Sharif Islam (Mathematics)
Historian – Amanda Milian (History)

2015-16 GSS Officers
President – Jackie Hoermann (English)
Vice President – Jay Jay Stroup (English)
Treasurer – Guillermo Patino (Business) / Matt Brown (Business)
Secretary – Meta Henty (English)

2014-15 GSS Officers
President – Jay Jay Stroup (English)
Vice President – Amanda Barnett (English)
Treasurer – Kyralyssa Hauger (Chemistry)
Secretary – Nelli Bodiford (Chemistry)

2013-14 GSS Officers
President – Chris Williams (Business)
Vice President – Christine Dallao (Business)
Treasurer – Mirza Hasan (Chemistry)
Secretary – Nelli Bodiford (Chemistry)

2012-13 GSS Officers
President – Kaitlin Phillips (Communication Studies)
Cayce Jones (Communication Studies)
Nishant Maller (Business)
Marielle Kahn Weintraub (Psychology)

2011-12 GSS Officers
Matthew Acuff (Business)
Miriam Villanueva (History)
Jordan Ditty (Business)
Marjorie Buckner (Communication Studies)

2010-11 GSS Officers
Keith Altavilla (History)
Megan Smith Gratch (Art History)
Emilee Taylor (English)
Nicole Green (English)